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Allstate can be a little complex when compared with most car insurance companies. On the one hand, they are a very robust company which caters to more or less 11% of the total car insurance market. In addition to that, Allstate also has a lot to offer in terms of options and discounts, easily satisfying the needs of their large client base.

Despite its large share of the car insurance market however , Allstate also has many unsatisfied customers and policyholders, some of which believe that there are better alternatives than what they currently have.

Regardless of its reputation though, Allstate is certainly one of the largest car insurance companies around, and the following review can tell you more about them and what they have to offer. Read full Allstate review.Farmers


What sets Farmers apart from its competitors is its unique and arguably humble origins in the late 1920’s. Originally, Farmers focused its efforts in tapping the rural and farmer sections of the car insurance market. This is partly the reason why Farmers adopted its particular name. They wanted people to identify them with the clients that they wished to do business with.

Over time though, Farmers – like many car insurance providers – began to expand their market beyond that of rural and farm based motorists. And although they are not likely to overtake larger companies like Allstate or State Farm, Farmers remains a solid player in the car insurance market.
Read full Farmers review.


progressive As far as speed and efficient processing of claims goes, few insurance companies can match what Progressive has done over the years. With over 70 years worth of experience, Progressive is arguably the best when it comes to keeping their policy holders happy.

And their secret lies in the “Concierge Level of Claims Service system, a system which allows them to overcome many of bureaucratic difficulties inherent in claims and other similar issues. It is this special technique which has allowed Progressive to build up its reputation over the years. Now, Progressive is considered to be among the most client-friendly insurance companies in the country. Read full Progressive review.

State Farm

State Farm ReviewState Farm has a lot to brag about. In addition to its A++ AM rating and its 11% share of the auto insurance market, State Farm is arguably the largest car insurance provider in the country. However, despite its size, it is still a traditional car insurance company, which relies heavily upon the skills of its agents. Despite their conservative views on handling policies and claims though, State Farm also employs streamlining process which allows the process to proceed in a very fast and efficient manner. And although State Farm lacks some of the innovative techniques and tools of GEICO and Progressive, they are also catching up pretty quickly. Read full State Farm review.


GEICO is easily one of the most innovative car insurance providers in the country. Their streamlined efficiency, when it comes to reporting and tracking claims, is proof of this, , as well as their effective use of the internet as special tool for interacting with policyholders.

They also offer great policy flexibility and a wide range of discounts for people who are willing to get multiple policies. And of course, GEICO wouldn’t be GEICO without their websites, which allows clients and policyholders to keep track of their coverage and policies online without too much trouble. So in addition to offering quality car insurance, GEICO also offers high-tech services. Read full GEICO review.


Nationwide may only have around 5% of the car insurance market, but its also worth noting that its AM rating is an A+. What makes them a big player in the car insurance market is their ability to find a good and stable balance between traditional car insurance marketing methods and new, innovative ideas. Although GEICO and Progressive are generally known as the most innovative in the car insurance industry, they lack the versatility which Nationwide and other similar car insurance providers have. So if you want the best of both worlds then you should definitely give Nationwide a try. You can read the full Nationwide review here.

Liberty Mutual

liberty Mutual in terms of comparison, Liberty Mutual is far from being the best. Despite not being as efficient as Progressive and GEICO, or as large as Allstate, Liberty Mutual can still perform better than other car insurance providers. It responds quickly to emergencies, and offers certain small benefits to careful policyholders. They also offer great discounts to clients who are willing to get multiple-policies. However, despite their good side, Liberty Mutual also has some issues that could use some improvements (e.g. lengthy mediation as well as cumbersome bureaucratic claim adjustments). If you’re only interested in better car insurance, Liberty is not so bad, but there are definitely better options out there. Full Liberty Mutual review here.